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Date : January 18, 2022
Location : B-1, Ananadmangal Complex-1 Behind Omkar House, C. G. Road, Navrangpura Ahmedabad

North Pole panel airconditioners are designed to cool and to dehumidify the internal environment of cabinets and enclosure which are use to hold electronic components, thus assuring a cool, clean atmosphear for reasons of optimum proformance and longevity. hot air inside the electronic cabinet or enclosure is drawn in to the return air plenum of the panel cooler by the eveporator exhast fan located in upper section of the panel airconditioner. This air is drawn through the eveporator coil, cooled and discharged back through the cold air outlet in to the cabinet or enclosure. Any moisture in this air condenses on the eveporator coil coolect in the condenset tray and is discharged to the outside via the condensate drain tube which projects out at side.

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