About Us

About Us


Welcome to Finda, a service that provides assistance with everyday and specialized planning and purchasing activities.

Finda is an idea that has sprouted with community at its heart and is 100% rooted in India. What you will find here is the first online classifieds platform in India – a space where people could come together to help each other out in small ways. Pioneered in 2013 by Beljith Chakkarath, our aim is to build a community where people have easy access to day-to-day things at an affordable rate and finding them at a place that is convenient for you.

Finda remains one of the largest online classifieds sites helping people find what they need most, affordably and locally. We provide a platform for people to connect around a life phase, a need, a pastime, passion or interest, from new parents trading buggies and nursery equipment, to bike enthusiasts, fueling their passion.

So whether it’s a buyer you are looking for that “thing” you no longer need or a new car to get you around or a job or a new sofa or a new place to buy or rent, Finda makes Goods Finding happen!