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Why Protect Your Pet With Finda microchips?

By microchipping your pet and registering their details on our secure indian-wide database, you stand the best chance of finding them again should they ever become lost or stolen.
Like a fingerprint, your finda microchip is totally unique. This means our dedicated pet recovery team can work together with local authorities across the country to quickly locate and identify any missing animals and reunite them with their owners. cat microchips India, Dog microchip India

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Why Microchip Your Pet?

Unique Identity

The microchip acts as the unique identification of your pet as it is injected.

Lasts a Lifetime

Once microchipped, it lasts the full lifetime of the pet

Travel Ready

Dog Microchip and cat microchip is mandatory if pets need to travel internationally. It is also recommended

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Helps Find Lost Pets

The chip can help you find or rescue your lost pet

Stores Only Number

The chip does NOT store any other data except the 15-digit unique number

Pet insurance

A microchip is mandatory for buying

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