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Get More Direct Bookings And Grow Your Revenue, Business, And Online Presence With Our Hotel Booking Engine.

Trawex technologies is a market leader in providing online travel agents software in the Indian and International Travel Industry. Our solutions are empowering several successful online booking engines, websites and consolidator XML API.

Our Travel agents Software is best suited for Travel Agencies and Travel Consolidators, Hotels and Hotel Resellers. The system has an integrated booking engine, multiple third-party connectivity interfaces fare management back office suite, MIS reporting and other connected components that travel companies would need.

Trawex's Reservation Booking System is a simple to operate desktop application that enables call handling executive to perform their tasks at fast speed. The application is designed to integrate with leading travel related XML distribution systems and Global Distribution Systems. Travel Agents system make use of data caching to deliver high-speed searches in parallel.

In addition to specific technical requirements to meet, travel agents software should have a user-friendly interface and a number of features to attract demanding tourists and experienced web surfers. For example, many tourists are interested in booking all tourism products on one website, including flights, hotels, transfers, railway tickets, excursions, and more.

The tourism and travel industry across the world depends on the GDS providers. Millions of people looking for Reservation Booking System in the web have resulted in the prevalent growth of GDS systems obtainable for reservation affecting the profitable airlines. travel industry and hospitality.

GDS also presents the departure times, flight direction, length and connections as of the inquiries made concerning airline and fore details.

You can benefit GDS data for all airfares through the customer portals.GDS data recommends the actual choice-based info offered to the patron during the reservation procedure representing seat inventories and link necessities for a given trip at that point in time

The data also exposes the three basic aspects of commercial airlines i.e. fare, travel time and availability providing you an elite opportunity to verify and supervise your choice.

Powerful, Flexible & Easy To Use Online Booking Engine

What differentiates Trawex technologies from other software development companies is that we develop innovative and affordable software.

Tools developed by Trawex technologies are simple to use, Web-based and cover most of the needs that such travel agencies have in order to create invoices, offers, vouchers etc as quick and less complicated as possible.

Trawex technologies also help travel agencies and tour operators on all their IT matters from website development, internal management and administration tools to search engine optimization tasks.

Trawex Reservation Booking System handle the following functions

• Search Accommodation

• Manage traveler group information

• Debtors and Creditors

• User management

• Booking Management

• Search Car rentals

• Search combo offers

• Manage customer information

• Manage customer documentation

• Perform multiple searches in parallel

• Create and manage notes while on the call

• Request information from back end executives

• Search Air tickets

• Finance

• Financial Reports

• MIS Report

• Reports

Trawex offers the best online reservation booking system that can be customized to suit any business. With Trawex, gives your website a professional and secure online reservation booking system.

We offer your customers a stunning experience by integrating our online reservation booking system with your website. We provide a cost-effective way to develop and upgrade your customized travel booking reservation app.

We comprehend the necessities and requirements of global travel companies, travel agencies and tour operators has been probably the greatest businesses occurring towards the online reservation booking system in the travel business.

We allow travel agents to have an up to date solution, helping them to optimize the booking process, to grow the profitability and to manage online interaction with suppliers and clients through effective management of prices and availability and online selling of travel products (B2B/B2C/XML gateway), so that they save time and money and become more competitive.

With over many years of experience in the IT industry that provides software solutions for travel arena, covering a wide range of products, from hotels, cars, transfers, air and cruises to customizations-based solutions on the customer's requirements.

We provide web services that can be used to distribute products to third parties by allowing third party to interact with these services. Our online reservation booking system feeds a huge amount of user data right into your system, we understand both the technical and operational requirements to sell various travel products.

When you work with us, you will no longer have to deal with multiple inventory providers. We work with our customers to help solve inventory. At the end of the day, online reservation booking system is the helping hand you need to keep your occupancy up, even during the slow times, and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Boost Your Guest Engagement With The Help Of Our Pre-Arrival, In-House & post-departure Email Service.

Trawex reservation booking system has been designed to help make your life easier as a travel agencies and tour operators, As your business grows, you might find that you have less and less time to do and interacting with your customers.

Integrating our software can help your get more bookings, save value time by automating your operations, enabling you to focus on the things that matter most to you. We are constantly working to keep the online reservation booking system at the top of the online reservation system. Our online reservation booking system are designed to provide all the features of self-service portals.

Our reservation booking system easily integrates into new and existing websites. Our online reservation booking system which enables travel companies, tour operators and travel agencies to book the services online, become a high-performance business instrument.

At Trawex, we skill the functional and business requirements of travel companies before defining the high-level functional document for the application architecture. Thus, we deliver the online reservation booking system, which best fits to client's existing processes and thus keeps them ahead of competition.

Our reservation booking system is designed to facilitate flawless, reliable, and all-time accessible reservations and bookings for customers as well as staff and agents.

The foremost advantage of using a booking and reservation software is the accuracy and convenience for customers when availing of your booking services online.

We carefully understand your organization's reservation need and analyse and meticulously plan and develop these solutions and integrate them into the already existing business process or develop a full reservation system based on your requirement.

Our online reservation booking system works with organisations of all sizes including: activity and experiences providers, training organization and groups, to ensure their online sales and bookings are quick and super simple.

Transform your business with an industry leading online reservation booking system and a team that always has your back. Trawex is an industry leading internet booking system that helps online travel agencies, tour operators and travel companies across the globe.

We provide online reservation system which can be easily and fully integrated into any website. It is to simple and reservation booking system that can be embed in the website as widget without all other stuff. Our Online reservation booking system reduce workloads for your staff and optimize customer service.

These platforms can make sure that bookings are synced and the availability is updated with each booking processing. At Trawex, we design, develop and help you implement a comprehensive custom Online reservation booking system with unique features to provide efficient mechanisms of business processes automation and maximizing overall efficiency and productivity.

We drive results through a combination of deep understanding of the industry, customer insights, and our software development expertise. With our skilled engineers with excellent technical knowledge and experience in using the latest software standards. tools, platforms, frameworks, and technologies.

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J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078, India



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