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Are You Looking For Flexible, Scalable, And Secure Portal Software To Improve Employee Access To Business Information?

Trawex Technologies is the world's leading software professional in air transport communications and IT solutions. We deliver and manage business solutions for airline, airport, GDS, government and other customers over the world's most extensive network, which forms the communications backbone of the global air transport industry.

Created and owned by the air transport community. Trawex is the community's dedicated partner for information and communications technology. As a team of industry experts, our know-how is based on working with customers across the global air transport community.

Web Portal Software is one of the modifications that were carried out in the Passenger Service System so that the working and availability of service area can be enhanced. This is basically an interface of Global Distribution System to carry out reservations on the desired airline flights from any place.

Achieve More With Online Portal Development

Flight Reservation System make the life of passengers very easy as they don't need to stand in queues for getting their seats reserved and they can easily make reservations on any airline just from a single system. On the other hand, it also removed an extra burden from the Airline Department as most of the passengers and travel agencies use this service instead of making reservations from the counters,

Airline ticket agents may have additional duties, such as paging arriving and departing passengers and finding accommodations or new travel arrangements for passengers in the event of flight cancellations, General transportation ticket agents for any mode of travel sell tickets to customers at terminals or at separate ticket offices.

Benefits Of Using Applications Platforms' Web Portal Software

Like reservation agents, they book space for customers. In addition, they use computers to prepare and print tickets, calculate fares, and collect payment. At the terminals they check and tag luggage, direct passengers to the proper areas for boarding, keep records of passengers on each departure and help with customer problems, such as lost baggage or missed connections.

Most Passenger Service Agents work at airport terminals. As a rule, assignments are rotated, with agents either serving behind the ticket counter or at the boarding gate. At the ticket counter, agents make and confirm reservations using the same equipment and procedures as those used by Reservations Agents.

In addition, they issue tickets, by computer or by hand, collect payments, and make a change. They must record all tickets sold and money exchanged and, at the end of the shift, prepare a daily cash report. Passenger Service Agents also route and tag passengers' luggage for shipment on the plane.

When working at the boarding gate, agents check and collect tickets, issue boarding passes, and sometimes assign seats. They make sure that flight attendants know about and have the equipment to handle special passengers' needs and requests; then they help these passengers on or off the plane.

They may announce arrivals and departures, reschedule passengers when flights are canceled over the public address system, or process routine claims. Agents at small airports may be required to load and unload baggage and to conduct air freight business.

Web Portal Software Key Functions

• Real-time entry of flight reservations during telephone calls

• Maintenance of returning customer database functions

• Group charter reservations by date and time to dispatch fights

• Assign pilots and plans to dispatched flights

• Multi-leg flights with partial passenger list segment dropoff

• Create various reports for process management

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J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078, India



Service add opening time Monday to Sunday

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